I HATE GIRLS. Especially the ones who say they are your friends & then go behind your back when you sleep over at their house and plan the next day to have sex with the guy that they know you like… :(


that part always made me lol

When a guy obviously knows you like him but still insists on telling you about how hot other girls are..it’s not attractive.


Why does every boy I like have to be so complicated…they give mixed signals and then stop talking to you, why do boys do that? It irritates me. Boys minds are so weird. I want to read one boys mind one day.

I forgot i had this…

Happy almost 4/20

Happy almost 4/20

When the boy you really really like stops talking to you…

me during shower time: What is my mission here on earth? What would have happened if Hitler got killed before he started the war? What if is there's a bigger force controlling us right now?
me almost falling asleep: I think I've solved the mystery of Atlantis and the cure for cancer and starving in Africa and the problems for all bad things in the universe
me during the day: how do you spell house?

My god is it that hard for girls to cover up there boobs! Holy crap, are they proud? I mean I know its for guys and what not, but I’d rather go on Facebook and not see tits on my news feed thanks.

Stay gold pony boy, stay gold.
Johnny, The Outsiders